Guest House

Our association has a Guest House inside its buiding. This Guest House is based at the entrance of Deheisheh refugee camp, at 5 minutes by car or by taxi service from the center of the city of Bethlehem. Lot of shops or restaurants are at 100 meters of this Guest House.

The Blue Room

There are three rooms in the guest house.

It is composed of 15 beds in three rooms, a bathroom and a living-room. We also have a kitchen and all the material you need to cook !

The kitchen

The kitchen

Furthermore, based in the middle of the structure of the association, you will be able, during the day, to see (or to participate if you want) the activites of the association, to discuss with the volunteers about the life in a refugee camp and to discover a little bit Deheisheh refugee camp and its story.

Finally, the night, the volunteers leaves and you will feel like at home.

So, if you want to feel this new experience, don’t hesitate !

The living-room, a friendly place !

The living-room, a friendly place !

To book for a night for 50 shekels per person and have more informations, you can send a message at


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